There will always be a mystery unsolved, all absolutes are beyond our reach



Diplomats sit and talk
While leaders plan and plot
Economists squeeze the workers pay
Financiers see they have got
Investors money to display

Then all together they will say
For every thing and tax as well
This is ours you have to pay
When I asked god for their majik spell
The answer came, learn to prey

Sea King I

Sea King I

In me there is that
which cannot be found
For that is what seeks

with that I seek all else
Finding that which is not I
that is what I be

Thou art what I find
Seeking that which is not I
Thou finding that which is not I

Can I really be
That art thou



Fortune smiles
Disaster strikes
Luck runs out
Fate plays its’ hand
With out a doubt

Prosperity plunders
Poverty cripples
Labours love
Fate plays its’ hand
Below above

Lovers’ ties
Hateful spies
Passion cries
Fate plays its’ hand
In truth and lies

People live
People die
What did you
Decide to do
Fate played its’ hand


©Martin Adams

The Queen's Champion

The Queens Champion

Three hundred years, the world has turned from
Henry Lee, the Knight champion
Ewes and lambs by his Mansion stood
As Henry served his Queen, for the sake of good
These times of old may have long past
Holding true those holy principled do last
Now the year of twenty ten
We are beholden once again
To service for the loyal Crown
And resist those pushing England down
The empire gone but nature’s way
Forever more will win the day
The house has long since gone
But ewes and lambs still belong
To grazing pastures fresh and green
The remnants of the natural law be seen
A second Elizabeth now holds England’s Crown
And relies on humble service from this town
St Peter stands in ruins close by
Have we forgot, as we wonder why?

Free Thought

Free Thought

'Twas on a lazy summers day
I glimpsed the strangest vision yet
a disembodied thought, astray
floating in the sky, clear blue
no cloud or mote to spoil the joy
I took that thought and planted it
in my murky mind
it first grew legs, next twiggy arms
then bent its ugly head
turned to me in disgust
and this is what it said
I once was the freest thought
the freest ever been
now trapped in you
surrounded by such dross
I do despair and longingly declare
let me go to whence I came
let me free again
so I open my mind
out it flew,
and joy returned to me

Martin Adams 2011

Poem The children of consciousness

The children of consciousness

We reason by experience
We reason by knowledge
We reason by influence
Reason is an idea
There is no reasonable way
To liberate our consciousness
Reason is a product,
Reason is the child
Of our consciousness


©Martin Adams

Poem "My favorite graveyard"

My favourite graveyard

Death of ignorance
Is a glorious joy
It don’t matter if you a girl or boy
Still the same joy
I ain’t tellin’ you what to do
I’m just sayin’ have you considered this too
The death of ignorance is a glorious joy
It don’t matter if you a girl or boy
The death of ignorance is a glorious joy

Death of prejudice, the begotten son
Of ignorance and passions done
Will soon follow on the path to joy
This is true for girl and boy

No Answers

No Answers

One thing the people of Mingleland did not understand: They lived in a universe without answers. Because of this they developed a yearning for answers and began to search for them, questioning everything. They searched for answers first as individuals, then as they got better at communicating with other members of their kind they began to work collectively on finding answers.

But in a universe where there are no answers some of their kind started to lie and fabricate elaborate falsehood to offer as answers, these answers were sold as truths. It soon become apparent to those selling truth that there were obvious contradictions between answers, given by different parties, to the same question.

Soon the kindred folk formed separate schools of thought on which were the true answers answers. And lively discursive meetings were held regularly to afford the opportunity for the differing schools of thought to compete and win the title of belief in their version of truth. It was not long before belief become the most powerful tool in controlling the discursive arguments in these meetings. Each school developing techniques in coercing strong beliefs in their particular answers. These strongly held beliefs needed passionate defending from the pollution from alternative perspectives.

Truth began to be forgotten as a useful theme and even the importance of the questions begun to fade, all that mattered was belief in the right answers. Soon the right belief was the only thing of value and all else was disregarded. Then the wars begun over the right belief, each side fighting to be proved right. Before long there remained only two individuals of the folk, one from each side of the belief argument. They stood facing each other in close proximity and looking around at the corpses of their fellow beings their faces lost the expression of anger and they both looked appalled as the realisation of what had occurred sunk in.
If you accept there is no truth in answers, but instead accept that those things we call answers are nothing more than a direction of inquiry to facilitate a greater understanding of an ignorance we recognise in ourselves we will gain an insightful understanding of the problem caused by the ignorance. The resulting change in cognitive and behavioural patterns of the beings will develop a cooperative tendency and the folk have peaceful social order without the oppression of particular opinion on any one. If a community of beings is able to function satisfactorily without government the need for one will not arise.

The Hardest Problem to face


As the resources available to human life decline the conflicts of ideology , religious national or political will still remain, the use of ideology as justification in commiting acts otherwise percieved as undesirable on opponents in these conflicts will also continue. As the resources fail to meet the populace needs of hunger and thirst, the viceral kind only experienced in physical needs for survival, will be the motivating factor for the conflicts, the ideological conflicts will remain but must surely fade as the situation intesifies. Eventually the human population will be reduced and the environment becoming ever more hostile to the life left.

The psychological life experienced by humanity led to the development of these ideologies to cope in the environment experienced, as the need for basic resources of survival become ever more prominent in the mindset of the psychological world it will force the human mind to alter , more likely to be comparable to primitive man in prehistoric times. The technologies will decline as they require the whole of the post modern systems structure to continue at all let alone develop at the rate required to counter the process of decline, this is not an apocaliptic prophecy it is a statement of realistic prediction of the most likely outcome of the current human crisis present now.

No ideology , political, religious or national will help solve these problems, as realists we have to accept the game cannot be won because life is not a game it is a process.

The human condition of experienced reality has always seemed to contain the need for a method of accepting the mystery of life as much as it contained the need to learn , understand , and develop ideas and theories to accumulate Knowledge.

This capacity of the human mind will alter from the current state as the type of pressure on individuals changes in relationship to their own survival. The basic resources limited access and immediate needs will influence the behaviour of individuals, the patient and reasonable strategies that have been professed by the leaders of old in promoting the good life will have no meaning to those living under such duress and the conflicts will become universal toward the end, this is not depressing it is the closest we have to realistic expectation of the end game

the end will be the end and not some clearing of the way for a better world

the  policies and philosophies of our age will mean nothing in this end age, there is not a thing we can do to stop this eventually happening, any more than an individual could outlive its own lifespan,

we may only make strategies of coping with reality we cannot make reality